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Virtual Homecoming, June 27-28

by Katy Yocom, Associate Director

Virtual Homecoming is a gathering for alumni to spend time with Spalding friends old and new, wherever they are in the world. The two-day event, June 27-28, is created for the benefit of all graduates of the Spalding MFA program and the Naslund-Mann School. It's sponsored by the MFA Alumni Association and the Naslund-Mann Graduate School of Writing.

Virtual Homecoming is timed to take place during Naslund-Mann’s first virtual summer residency, so Homecoming can offer opportunities for alumni to attend faculty lectures and other curriculum sessions, live in real time, on Zoom. There are also plenty of sessions just for alumni to be together again and enjoy one another's company.

Four smiling women in a Zoom session
It's good to see friends' faces.

The schedule is still being developed, but plans are in the works for the following events:

  • Homecoming Welcome session

  • A lecture on writing proposals, by Kathleen Driskell (for Business of Writing Seminars, the Distinguished Alumni Lectureship, AWP conference, etc.)

  • Alumni Celebration of New Works, featuring

    • Elizabeth Felicetti (CNF ’20), Unexpected Abundance: The Fruitful Lives of Women Without Children

    • Aimee Mackovic (P ’05), Contains Recycled Parts

    • Mervyn Seivwright (P ’19), Stick, Hook, and a Pile of Yarn

    • Diana M. Raab (CNF ’03), Hummingbird: Messages from My Ancestors

    • Elizabeth Slade (F ’06), Momentum: Montessori, a Life in Motion

    • Julia Watts (F ’05), Lovesick Blossoms

  • Distinguished Visiting Writer: Kevin Prufer, author of The Fears. Talk and Q&A

  • Faculty lectures

  • Sessions for alumni to just be together and talk about what’s happening in their lives, whether that’s writing . . . or not writing . . . or topics completely unrelated to writing.


As always, Virtual Homecoming means not having to buy an airline ticket. But we do ask you to register so we can send you links to the sessions. Register by clicking this link or scanning the QR code below.


Wherever you are, whatever's happening with you, we're here for you. We hope to see your face June 27-28 at Virtual Homecoming!


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