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by Mervyn Seivwright

She Showers in the Clouds

returning drips draining

down her side to Luzerne's lake

below. She decorates in yellow

and lilac flowers, scents,

and a grassy green veil;

hairy skin, the pines

birth on sides finding route

to the sky. Her veil

provides life to cows

that tong, banging bongs

from the bells on their necks

not vanishing in steamy clouds

while playing hide and eat

at six-thousand and thirteen feet.

Ants of women and men

march, panting in winding wriggles

to ascend, patting their backs

with hauteur while she watches.


Mervyn Seivwright writes to balance social consciousness and poetry craft for humane growth. He is a nomad from a Jamaican family, born in London, England, and left for America at age ten, now residing in Schopp, Germany. His performance poetry highlights include events in nine countries, with features at The Jazz Café, and a finalist at the UK’s Word-for-Word National Poetry Slam. Mervyn completed an MFA in Writing at Spalding University and has appeared in AGNI, American Journal of Poetry, Salamander, African American Review, and fifty-five other journals across six countries, receiving recognition as a 2021 Pushcart Nominee & Voices Israel's Rose Ruben Poetry Competition Honorable-Mention. He has a pending collection due in Autumn 2023 through Broken Sleep Books.


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